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In the midst of the current global pandemic, distancing ourselves from one another has become the new norm. This distancing in particular, has placed a large spotlight over the area of health monitoring and screening, an area that has traditionally relied on close contact with other individuals. Advancements in health monitoring have therefore become an important priority, particularly for non-contact temperature screening which has become critical in mitigating the potential spread of this virus. 

We are therefore pleased to announce that we have introduced BeMotion Inc. to distribute their range of non-contact human temperature screening technologies. 

How Does BeMotion Technology Work? 

BeMotion have created a range of state-of-the-art Intelligent Thermal Imaging Technologies that can quickly carry out high-accuracy non-contact thermal temperature screening of individuals. These systems provide instant automatic detection of elevated body temperatures and are equipped with an auto-alarm feature to highlight any over-threshold subjects. These devices are highly accurate and, through the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Screening Technology, can measure an individual’s temperature even if they are wearing accessories such as sunglasses, a hat or mask. 

BeMotion Thermal Cameras DUO400/650 

BeMotion Thermal Camera DUO400BeMotion’s DUO400/650 Thermal Cameras are specifically designed for the body temperature measurement of personnel in large, crowded areas. With an extremely large capacity, the DUO400 and DUO650 can screen up to 400+ or 500+ people per minute respectively. Through the use of smart AI face detection technology, these cameras scan five different points of the face to provide a screening accuracy of 99%. 

Screening distance for the DUO400 ranges from 3ft to 19.6 ft while for the DUO600 the range is 3ft to 24.6 ft. The DUO Thermal Cameras are mainly used in crowded areas such as railway/subway stations, airports, hospitals, factories, shopping malls, schools and any other public place with a large floating population.








BeMotion DUO400/650 Thermal Cameras 

BeMotion Thermal Cameras DUO32 

The BeMotion DUO32 allows for one person scanning and can be used to check an individual’s body temperature before entering a building or business. In a similar vein to the DUO400/650, the DUO32 also uses AI face detection technology to scan five different points of an individual’s face to provide a screening accuracy of 99%. With an 8’’ hi-resolution display, the DUO32 has a measuring distance of 3 ft and a face detection library for 30,000 people. The DUO32 is mainly used in areas that do not include large masses of people such as gyms, restaurants, offices and small shops. 

BeMotion Thermal Camera DU032

BeMotion Thermal Camera DUO32 

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