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Undercoating in a Can



Category: Tool Care

Undercoating In A Can is a premium wax-based rust preventative that protects metal surfaces from rust and corrosion. With proper coverage (6.5 - 8 mils when wet, 5 mils dry), a gallon of undercoating covers approximately 200 sq ft. 

Undercoating In A Can can be applied to new, clean surfaces or surfaces with existing rust or corrosion to prevent additional damage. This sealant can protect from a variety of potential causes of corrosion, including abrasion, chemicals, and dirt.

From military vehicles to hand tools, Undercoating In A Can provides the ultimate protection for any metal or wood surface, prolonging the life of your equipment and keeping it looking like new. 


  • Rust & corrosion prevention
  • Stops the spread of rust (rust cancer)
  • Resists chipping or cracking by staying pliable after curing
  • 4 times longer lifespan than traditional rubberized and asphalt based undercoating

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