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SMC Brake Rack Kits



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Category: Braking Devices

We proudly offer SMC Brake Rack Kits which allow the user to control friction, even under a load. These pre-made kits provide a variety of popular configurations based on preferences of frequent rack users. 

To determine which SMC Brake Rack Kit best fits your needs, please follow these steps:

  1. Choose from “Straight” or “90-degree” harness attachment eyes (Most users prefer to orient the rack’s short leg pointing down. Most harnesses with a sewn-in D-Ring that lays flat against the user’s stomach need a 90-degree twist eye rack.)
  2. Select Aluminum (A) or Stainless Steel (S) bars (S bars are cleaner on the rope and last longer, but have less friction and thus are faster rides with the same number of bars. Model numbers ending in “A” indicate aluminum bars [including an aluminum top bar] and model numbers ending in “S” indicate stainless steel bars.)
  3. The addition of a stainless steel top bar with an extension (hyper-bar) accommodates easy lock-off and extra control.

SM13006S - Straight Eye, 2 Grooved SS Bars, 4 Regular SS 

SM13006S2 - Straight Eye, 1 Large SS Top Bar, 1 Grooved SS Bar, 4 Regular SS Bars

SM13007A - Straight Eye, All Aluminum Bars 

SM13007S2 - Straight Eye, Tie-off Bar, 1 Grooved SS Bar, 4 Regular SS Bars 

SM13506S - 90° Eye, 2 Grooved SS Bars, 4 Regular Bars 

SM13506S2 - 90° Eye, 1 Large SS Top Bar, 1 Grooved SS Bar, 4 Regular SS Bars 

SM13507A - 90° Eye, All Aluminum Bars 

SM13507S2 - 90° Eye, Tie-off Bar, 1 Grooved SS Bar, 4 Regular SS Bars 

  • Allows user to adjust friction, even under load
  • Welded eye is very strong
  • Can be used as a lowering device
  • Does not twist rope


  • Length: 14.40" (36.6 cm)
  • Width: 3.75" (9.5 cm)
  • Height: 1.00" (2.5 cm)


SM13006S: 1 lbs 9.0 oz (710 g)

SM13006S2: 1 lbs 11.0 oz (780 g)

SM13007A: 1 lbs 10.9 oz (760 g)

SM13007S2: 1 lbs 12.6 oz (810 g)

SM13506S: 1 lbs 9.0 oz (710 g)

SM13506S2: 1 lbs 11.0 oz (780 g)

SM13507A: 1 lbs 10.9 oz (760 g)

SM13507S2: 1 lbs 12.6 oz (810 g)

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