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Oliver 10'' Met Guard Safety Toe Rigger Boot



Oliver 10'' Met Guard Safety Toe Rigger Boot

The Oliver 10'' Met Guard Safety Toe Rigger Boot is constructed with chemical, liquid, and barnyard acid-resistant SPR leather making them the ideal mining boot. These boots are designed for superior grip and durability through their soling technology that combines a soft, shock-absorbing, low-density polyurethane (PU) midsole with a high density and durable rubber outsole. The sole of these boots is also heat-resistant to temperatures up to 572° F (300° C) and highly resistant to mineral oils, acids, alkalies, animal fats and oils. Other great features of these Oliver boots include their SYMPATEX™ waterproof liner that is breathable to allow for cooling air flow, and features antimicrobial properties to eliminate odor-causing bacteria as well as a metatarsal guard that provides increased protection to the foot against the risk of impact and crush injuries. Loaded with the latest technology and innovations, these boots are the perfect choice for miners.

 Size Guide 

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  • Sizes: 
    Men's Whole: 6-15 
    Men's Half: 7.5 - 11.5
  • Boot Material: SPR Leather
  • Midsole Material: Low-Density Polyurethane
  • Outsole Material: Rubber
  • Boot Color: Brown/Black
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • Steel Toe Protection: Yes
  • Metatarsal Protection: Yes
  • Recommended Industry: Mining & Quarrying, Chemical, Building & Construction, Oil & Gas, Agriculture
  • Standards: ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 SD


COMFORTcushion® Impact Absorption  COMFORTcushion® Impact Absorption 

Provides superior cushioning and shock absorption helping to reduce foot, leg and back fatigue. 

NANOlite Footbed  NANOlite Footbed

The Oliver Comfort System now has a unique NANOlite footbed for greater comfort and well-being. The gently raised surface of the sole massages your feet as you walk, promoting greater blood flow to help reduce fatigue. Plus, a perforated foam air control layer enhances air circulation, reducing odour.

Water Resistant Leather Water Resistant Leather

Water resistant leather to DIN 3. Provides all day comfort in wet and damp working conditions.

Metatarsal Protection Metatarsal Protection

Provides increased protection against the risk of impact and crush injuries. Metatarsal guards coupled with safety toe caps offer complete fore foot protection.

Heat Resistant Sole Heat Resistant Sole

Sole is heat resistant to 300º Celcius or 572º Fahrenheit. Ideal for extreme, harsh and high surface heat working environments.

Slip Resistant Sole Slip Resistant Sole

Sole has excellent slip resistance (Exceeds European Standard EN344, SATRA slip test method PM144 standard).

Antimicrobial Technology Antimicrobial Technology

Revolutionary anti-bacterial solution provides protection against odour, staining and deterioration caused by bacteria, fungus and other micro-organisms.

COOLstep® Lining COOLstep® Lining

Oliver COOLstep® lining absorbs moisture and odour for optimum freshness and hygiene.

Steel Safety Toe Cap Steel Safety Toe Cap

Type 1 Steel toe cap offers protection against drop and crush injuries. Developed to withstand a force of 200 joules.

NATUREform Type 1 Toe Cap NATUREform Type 1 Toe Cap

The Oliver cap has a wide profile to suit your foot and is added with a latex cushion liner to ensure the toes are comfortable and not in contact with the cap. Caps are tested to a force of 200 Joules in accordance with the Australian Standard AS/NZS2210.3.

Cut Resistant Sole Cut Resistant Sole

Sole has excellent cut resistance. Resists cut growth cause by small cuts opening up as a result of normal sole flexing when walking. 

Antistatic Antistatic

Minimises the build up of electrostatic charges and provides protection against the risk of spark ignition for such hazards as flammable materials and gases.

Abrasion Resistant Abrasion Resistant Sole

High density, hard wearing outsole provides superior abrasion resistance.

Resistant to Mineral Oils & Acids Resistant to Mineral Oils & Acids

These boots have added protection when they come in contact with acidity and other corrosive mineral substances.

 Resistant to Organic Oils & Fats Resistant to Organic Oils & Fats

The soling technology provides resistance to natural oils and fats to protect your boots. 

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