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Doughty Eye Clamp: 2'' Trigger Hanging Clamp

Doughty Engineering



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Doughty Eye Clamp - 2'' Trigger Hanging Clamp

The Doughty Trigger Eye Clamp, available in either Black or Polished Aluminum, is supplied fitted with an Eye Nut of 1.18'' diameter, making it ideal for suspending wire hung loads while attaching to a tube. Constructed from high tensile Aluminum Extrusion, this truss clamp is lightweight but strong, with a safe working load of 441 lbs.

This Doughty Clamp is also designed to allow one person to hang heavy luminaires and scanners. The weight of the object being hung becomes its own safety factor by automatically closing the trigger and the bottom half of the clamp. This unique feature allows the luminaires to be easily positioned and securely ‘locked off’ using the Clamp's large Easy-grip handle.

Please browse the whole range of Doughty Eye Clamps for different sizes and functions.

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  • SWL: 441 lbs
  • Tube Diameters: 1.9'' - 2''
  • Width: 1.18''
  • Fixings: M12 Eye Nut with 1.18'' diameter
  • Weight: 1.57 lbs
  • Material: High tensile aluminum
  • Finish: Polished aluminum or black powder coated
For more details, please read the user manual.
Doughty Engineering
Doughty Engineering is a UK-based entertainment equipment manufacturer and began the manufacture of products in 1985. Now, it is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rigging, suspension and lifting equipment for film/TV, theatre and concert halls.

Quality and safety are key issues for Doughty. As a member of PLASA (Professional Light and Sound Association) and ESTA (Entertainment Services and Technology Association), Doughty adheres strictly to the standards of trading expected.

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