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Dixie Midget Pike Pole


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Pike Pole

Pike Pole History: This humble tool story dates back to the 1600s where it was introduced in the US fire service to pull down walls to prevent the spread of fire to neighboring buildings. 

Pike Pole from Dixie: Despite its multiple purposes, Dixie Industries has been developing Pike Poles with the main purpose of handling timber in and around water, e.g. controlling logs floating on a river in a log drive. With Dixie's top quality of craftsmanship and materials used, their pike poles can withstand extensive use of handling logs.

This Midget Pike Pole is shorter in length, ideal for use in confined areas or the area where a longer pole would be difficult to handle and maneuver. The regular size is also available.

Features & Specifications

  • Pike Pole Head: 
    Manufactured from a single piece of high-carbon steel and drop forged to perform the heavy lifting and withstand extensive use.
  • Ash Handle: 
    - All ash handles are second-growth American ash with straight grain throughout the entire handle length.
    - Along with Hickory and Oak, Ash is one of the most commonly used utility woods in the US. Its toughness and excellent shock resistance make it a popular choice for tool handles.
    - Ash is lightweight to offer users an extra advantage by increasing efficiency and reducing fatigue. Its extremely long grains increases resiliency to tearing before breaking.
    - Second-growth wood is harder, stronger and tougher.
  • Length: 3' long
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs
  • Made in the USA

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