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Dixie Cant Hook - 2-1/4" & 2-1/2'' Handle

Dixie Industries


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Cant Hook

What is a Cant Hook?

A cant hook, also known as a cant dog, is a traditional logging tool consisting of a wooden handle and a movable metal swing hook called a dog at one end, used for handling, sliding and turning logs. It is a great tool for right-of-way clearing and for positioning utility poles and has been used in the logging industry for over 150 years. 

DIXIE Cant Hook 

William, Emil, and Fred Stocker came to Chattanooga, Tennessee from Saginaw, Michigan to escape the cold winters in February 1910. Due to the rise of the timber industry and the abundance of strong Hickory wood in Chattanooga, the brothers incorporated Dixie Logging Tool Company at the corner of 13th Street & Greenwood Ave. 

Since 1910, Dixie Industries has provided the forestry and logging industry with a top-quality tool. Generations of loggers have come to rely on the quality and dependability of Dixie Industries for long life and the ability to withstand the most rugged forestry applications.

Dixie proudly manufactures these Cant Hooks in the USA. The handles are top quality straight grain white mountain hickory hardwood, kiln-dried to 18% moisture content, then precision cut to an exact fit. Dixie Cant Hook also features the drop-forged steel duckbill hooks, the clasps and extension toe rings. 

  • Handle Type: Hickory Hardwood that is the hardest and strongest wood found in North America. Read more about Cant Hook Handle from Dixie Industries
  • Duckbill Hooks: Drop forged with the bills ground to a fine point.
  • Clasps and Extension Toe Rings: Built to last, using ductile iron castings
  • Replacement Parts: Replacement handles and duckbills are available to keep your Cant Hook in good working order for years to come. 

A. Small Dixie Cant Hook 

  • Cant hook Handle: 2', 2-1/2', 3', 3-1/2' and 4' long
  • Weight: 4.6lbs, 6lbs, 6.4lbs, 7lbs, and 8.3lbs
  • Diameter: 2-1/4"
  • Log Sizes: Suitable for handling logs from 6'' to 16'' diameters

B. Big Dixie Cant Hook

  • Cant hook Handle: 4', 4.5' and 5' long
  • Weight: 10.1lbs, 11.7lbs, and 13.5lbs
  • Diameter: 2-1/2"
  • Log Sizes
    • 06240 (4'): For handling logs from 6'' to 16'' diameters
    • 06250 (4.5'): For handling logs from 8'' to 24'' diameters 
    • 06260 (5'): For handling logs from 8'' to 24'' diameters

Cant Hook vs Peavey

Similarity: Cant hooks and peaveys are often used for the same jobs, such as rolling and turning logs. They also have a similar structure with a handle and a swing hook.

Difference: The main difference between the two is the end, determinating how the tool grips logs. With the blunt end up against a log or pole, the hook of the cant hook can grab it at a second location. Once engaged, the handle gives the operator leverage to reposition it. A peavey has a spiked end that can be stuck between logs to free them or stuck in the ground to stand the tool up making it easy to find. Usually, the handle of a peavey is longer.

Cant Hook vs Peavey

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