3M™ DBI-SALA® Delta™ Vest-Style Harness  - Front View Pass-Through Buckle Leg Straps

3M™ DBI-SALA® Delta™ Vest-Style Harness


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Product Details

3M™ DBI-SALA® Delta™ Vest-Style Harness 

The 3M™ DBI-SALA® Delta™ Vest-Style Harness, thanks to its patented triangular design, has a shape of its own making it quick and easy to don. This safety harness is used by workers in a wide range of industries and professions due to its no-tangle design. This vest-style harness also includes a stand-up back D-ring, a revolving vertical torso buckle as well as built-in lanyard keepers. With a universal design and multiple configuration and connection point options, this harness also comes in three different buckle styles; pass-through buckle leg straps, parachute buckle leg straps and lightweight aluminum quick connect leg straps. With coated, corrosion-resistant hardware, and abrasion-resistant webbing, this Delta™ harness has a build quality that is second to none. 

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About Delta™

Delta™ harnesses combine a set of “industry-first” advancements, with popular features making them the workhorse of the industry. Today’s Delta™ represents the culmination of more than twenty years of design, research, manufacturing know-how and on-the-job performance. 


  • Capacity: 420 lbs 
  • Weight:
    1101776 - 3 lbs
    1103321 - 3.05 lbs
    1101827 - 3.2 lbs
    1102001 - 3.35 lbs
    1110601 - 3.55 lbs
    1110600 - 3.6 lbs
  • Tensile Strength: 6000 lbs
  • Body Belt: No
  • Subpelvic Strap: Yes
  • Buckle Type: 
    1101776 & 1103321 - Pass-through
    1101827 & 1102001 - Parachute
    1110601 & 1110600 - Tech-Lite™ Quick Connect
  • Chest Buckle Material: Zinc Plated Steel
  • Torso Buckle Material: Zinc Plated Steel
  • Leg Buckle Material: Zinc Plated Steel, Tech-Lite™ Quick Connect
  • Padding Location: None
  • iSafe Equipped: Yes
  • Recommended Industry: Construction, General Industrial, Mining, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Utilities, Wind Energy
  • Standards: ANSI A10.32, ANSI Z359.1, ANSI Z359.4, OSHA 1910.66, OSHA 1926.502


  • No-tangle design
  • Stand-up back D-ring
  • Pass-thru buckle leg straps, Parachute buckle leg straps or lightweight aluminum Quick Connect buckle leg straps
  • Repel™ webbing
  • Built-in lanyard keepers
  • Revolving vertical torso buckle
  • Impact Indicator
  • Protected labels, equipped with 3M™ Connected Safety ID (CSID)

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