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WESCO® Highliner Boots with Steel Shank 10'' & 16''


Leather/Side Steel Plate

Category: Boots, Climbing, Forestry

WESCO® Highliner - Best Linemen Boots

WESCO Highliner Boots and CATV Linemen have been long-time companions due to WESCO's fine materials, great quality of craftsmanship and attention to linemen's needs. This pair is a must-have to most of the CATV linemen and is regarded as one of the Best Lineman Boots by the industry peers:

  • Hix Magazine
  • Rachet Jaws
  • Sportsly
  • Work Boots Guru
  • Rate Work Boots

Recognized as the superior climbing boot since its introduction in 1938, Wesco's Highliner is designed and constructed specifically for power, telephone, cable utility workers and arborists. Because comfort is integral to the safety and quality craftsmanship is critical to protection, this boot has extra arch support, heavy-duty steel shanks, spur-shielding heel breastplates, and leather side flaps.

What is steel shank boots?

While a steel toe work boot protects the toes, the steel shank protects the underside. They both retain the structure and shape of the boot, allowing your steel shank boots to be sturdy, long-lasting and reliable. It also saves your time and money for getting a new pair of work boots. More benefits of steel shank work boots:

  • Keep you safe from the penetration of sharp objects, especially when working on rocky terrain or in construction areas where there are scrap nails or metals on the floor
  • Offer comfort, balance, and support to overworked arches
  • WESCO® Highliner even features heavy-duty steel shanks for extra support and protection


Wesco Highliner Best Lineman Boots

  • Removable false tongue
  • Leather side flap: Protect the boots from wear when climbing poles. It also offers protection from motorcycle shift levers and brake pedals.
  • Steel side plates: 
    - Protect the sole of your boot while climbing.
    - Only fits on ones with a mini-lug sole - Vibram Sole#430, but not those with large lug sole - Vibram Sole#100
  • Recessed metal heel breastplate: Offers protection from climbing spurs
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Shank:
    -Non-corrosive, double-ribbed, slightly arched steel shank for comfort and maximum support.
  • Lace-to-toe Boots: Offer better fit and stability than traditional boots since the laces go down farther that allows you to lace the toe & forefoot area tighter/loose
  • Sturdy Vibram® Solid Sole: Vibram solid soles are designed for maximum grip, durability, and traction
    Style #100 (for SKU #9710100, #9716100, #BR9710100 & #RW9716100) :
    - This sole conquered Mt. Everest remains the quality soling choice for rugged outdoor wear.
    - Vibram’s Fire & Ice compound used for this sole is flame resistant and is engineered to withstand extreme temperature ranges. 
    Style #430 (for SKU #9710 & #9716 only) :
    - Oil Resistant
    - Features a refined lug medallion ideal for work and industrial footwear
  • 7 oz. full-grain leather: The full-grain leather is from the outer layer of leather that is the toughest and longest-lasting part of the leather, making the WESCO highliner a tough pair of work boots
  • Leather 10 - 10-1/2 iron (.219" thick) half-slip: 
    - A layer extending from the middle of the boot to the back of the boot
    - Provide additional rigidity and support to the arch of the boot
  • Colors of Leather: Black (10'' & 16'') , Brown (10''), and Redwood (16'')
  • Height: We offer 10 and 16-inch lineman boots
  • Sizes: 8 to 13


Wesco® boots have earned an indelible reputation since they first appeared in 1918. Today, the family-owned business is still building boots for customers all over the world from their Scappoose, Oregon workshop.

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